Beautiful Bountiful August, Salubrious SeptemberBeautiful Bountiful August, Salubrious September“N” is for Nutrition

(I know, I know-you Jayhawks….”N” stands for Knowledge and those Cornhuskers have heard that 1,000,000 times)

But all poking aside, why am I writing about this and why do I care? I eat
well, am in good shape, still shred the Bowl, bike, row, run…

    Physical Therapists and other medical practitioners fulfill our Medicare
requirements in part documenting out patients BMI. [Body mass index.] So???
Your BMI affects your insurance rates, and also impacts various health issues associated with too high and too low. Blah blah blah

    Back to paragraph one-I eat well right? Surprisingly, I was shocked to see my yoghurt exceeds the World Health Organization Guidelines of 25 grams per day for additional sugars. And that’s just my yoghurt-damn!

    I am an aging athlete, but still care about performance, health and what I put in my body. If I want to maintain high activity levels without additional stress on my joints, ligaments and systems, I need to maintain a BMI in the normal range. And in the long term if that helps keep my BCBS premiums down, better for me!

    So I’m taking a good look at the WHO guidelines and my nutrition, and yes labels. I’ll make the necessary changes where I can without hardship and try to remember Salubrious is Sexy!

    Join me on my journey as I explore nutrition for healthy individuals who have no special diet needs. I will be putting out some “food for thought”-sorry; on Salubrious Missoula Facebook and Twitter @SalubriousPTLMT. Also check out the links to the WHO and AHA guidelines. And if you feel you could use some extra guidance or coaching to get your own Wellness back on track, I would love to coach you! Call today 549-1669

Peace and Be Salubrious!